Elken’s founders A.K. Tan and S.L. Ho met each other at a public speaking programme. They both wanted to improve themselves so that they could in turn build others. Their shared vision to enrich lives by nurturing and empowering people compelled them to establish Elken in 1995.

The early days of Elken were challenging and extremely competitive. Nevertheless they stayed true to their mission and persevered to build Elken into a leading direct selling company which would provide a positive life transformation.

Being a people-driven business, they inculcated a sense of belonging for all levels of staff so that each could take ownership of their future. This grew into Elken’s heart-to-heart culture that emphasises the unity and trust of our people who face challenges hand in hand, enriching lives together.

For the past 20 years, we have focused on building people from all walks of life – no matter their age, background, ethnicity or language – to realise their dreams. We have nurtured and empowered our people through quality training and knowledge sharing, journeying with them every step of the way to grow their business.

The Elken opportunity has so much to offer – a healthier and better quality of life, more freedom of time and the path to a solid financial future, backed by a compensation plan that rewards people for their efforts.

At Elken we prioritise excellence in people, products, research and innovation, manufacturing and distribution, service and every aspect of our environment. Our passion and determination has made us the largest home-grown direct-selling company in Malaysia and the top 50 MLM companies in the world and the only unlisted Malaysian company in the DSN Global 100 list (Direct Selling News).

With offices in 10 countries and over 1 million distributors, our seal of superiority is found on hundreds of quality, innovative, and award-winning products in the categories of Health, Beauty and Home. Our strong culture of excellence and dedication to quality has also garnered us a list of international awards and recognitions.

Our vision at Elken is what unites us for a common cause. We strive forward together to build individuals, families and communities to enrich their lives, and they in turn build others to help them realise their dreams.

The strongholds of Elken – our people, product, opportunity, culture and values – are what differentiate us from others. We will forge ahead into the centennial while still holding true to our fundamentals and build people, as we continue setting the standards.